Words by Michael David Murphy

NIGHT AFTER NIGHT, year after year, Scott Cunningham was there. Four decades spent below the baseline, his lens trained on the fast break coming at him, his eyes scanning the court, seeing the pass before it happens, then sweeping-up as the action rises to the rim, his remote backboard camera capturing the dunk’s thunder, as his strobes in the rafters fire their lightning.

Cunningham’s innumerable highlights are here: core samples from an extraordinary career, forty years deep, half of it on film, half digital, but the same eye, always translating the moment into today’s amazement: ready, waiting.

This Wilkins, this Whitney, this Michael, this Magic, each his; the work of a man seeking what tonight’s battle might yield, to bring back uniqueness to share with the rest of us, something we might savor.

On this site, you’ll see Hawks and legends, late nights and fights. Know there was always another, always perfectly beyond the frame — Scott Cunningham, not just another man behind a lens: a pure professional, sharing a vision of a lifetime.